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The Vitamix E320 offers a larger 64-ounce container, while the E310 features a slightly smaller 48-ounce container. Both blenders boast powerful motors and variable speed controls, but the E320’s container suits larger batches.

The kitchen connoisseur’s debate between the Vitamix E320 and E310 often boils down to capacity needs and kitchen space. The E320, with its ample container, caters to families or those who often entertain guests, allowing for larger recipes without the need for multiple blends.

Contrarily, the E310’s more compact size is a perfect fit for individuals or smaller families, making it easier to store and less cumbersome on countertops. Despite these differences, both models maintain Vitamix’s revered durability and versatility, with stainless steel blades that tackle everything from smoothies to hot soups. Robust and straightforward, the Vitamix E310 and E320 stand as two titans in the blending world, boasting consistent results and user-friendly interfaces that make them favorites among cooking enthusiasts.

Vitamix E320 Vs E310


Vitamix E320 And E310: At A Glance

Discover the power of Vitamix with the E320 and E310 models.
Home cooks and smoothie lovers alike will enjoy these blenders.
Both models offer exceptional performance and durability.
Not sure which one to choose? Let’s compare their key features.

Key Features of E320

Key Features Of E320

  • Large Capacity: 64-ounce container fits family-sized batches.
  • Power : 2.2 horsepower motor tackles tough ingredients.
  • Variable Speed: 10-speed control for precision blending.
  • Pulse Feature: Creates quick bursts for chunky salsas.

Key Features of E310

Key Features Of E310

  • Compact Size: 48-ounce container, perfect for small spaces.
  • Consistent Power: 2.0 horsepower motor ensures smooth blends.
  • Speed Control: 10 variable speeds for various textures.
  • Pulse Function: Great for coarse chops.

Comparison Table

Feature Vitamix E320 Vitamix E310
Container Size 64 oz 48 oz
Motor Power 2.2 HP 2.0 HP
Speed Settings 10-speed 10-speed
Pulse Feature Yes Yes

Design And Aesthetics

Exploring the world of high-performance blenders, Vitamix E320 and E310 stand out for not just their power but their design too. Both models reflect Vitamix’s commitment to premium kitchen aesthetics, sporting sleek lines and user-friendly interfaces. It’s not simply about power; a blender should also be a stylish addition to your countertop.

Physical Comparison

The Vitamix E320 and E310 feature a similar classic design, with subtle differences distinguishing the two.

  Vitamix E320 Vitamix E310
Dimensions (LxWxH) 11 x 8 x 18 inches 11 x 8 x 17 inches
Weight 13 lbs 11.5 lbs
Container Size 64 oz. Low-Profile 48 oz. Standard
Controls Variable Speed + Pulse Variable Speed + Pulse

Color Options And Finishes

  • Vitamix E320 usually comes in a sleek black finish, perfect for modern kitchen decor.
  • Vitamix E310 offers more variety, with options like red, black, and sleek slate.

Both models are designed to not only work effectively but also complement your kitchen’s style. The color choices mean you can select the blender that best fits your personal taste and kitchen theme.

Motor Power And Performance

The heart of any blender is its motor. Vitamix E320 and E310 are no exception. They boast power and performance to handle various tasks. Let’s delve into the specifics of their motor prowess.

Horsepower Comparison

Both the Vitamix E320 and E310 come equipped with impressive motors. The E320 features a strong 2.2-peak horsepower motor. The E310 isn’t far behind with a 2.0-peak horsepower motor. This power difference means the E320 can handle tougher blends a bit more smoothly.

Efficiency In Blending Tasks

Efficiency is key in blending. Both the E320 and E310 use their horsepower to the fullest. Their design ensures efficient blending for a range of ingredients. From smoothies to soups, you can expect consistent results. Below is a breakdown of their efficiency in common blending tasks:

  • Frozen Ingredients: The E320’s extra power slightly edges out the E310.
  • Nut Butters: Both blend nuts with ease, creating smooth textures.
  • Hot Soups: Their speed heats ingredients to produce steaming soups.

The Vitamix E320 and E310 turn blending into an art form. With their powerful motors, they deliver top-notch performance in every task.

Container And Capacity

Choosing the right Vitamix blender involves comparing container size and capacity. Both the Vitamix E320 and the E310 boast powerful blending capabilities, but they cater to different needs based on their containers. Whether you’re feeding a crowd or just whipping up a quick smoothie, understanding the container options is key. Let’s explore the unique aspects of each model’s blending container.

E320: The Low-profile 64-ounce Container

The Vitamix E320 features a low-profile 64-ounce container that is perfect for large batches. This container is designed to fit under most kitchen cabinets, making storage a breeze. Its size makes it ideal for family meals or meal prepping for the week. Features include:

  • BPA-free Eastman Tritan® material: Safe and durable for everyday use.
  • Wider base: Ensures efficient blending of larger quantities.
  • Self-cleaning: A drop of dish soap and warm water cleans it in 60 seconds.

E310: The Classic 48-ounce Container

The E310 comes with a classic 48-ounce container, tailored for small to medium batches. It’s the perfect size for those who have limited space or don’t need the capacity of the E320. Perfect for singles or smaller families, the E310’s container still packs a punch. Key features include:

  • Classic tall design: Ideal for blending thick mixtures with ease.
  • Narrower body: Helps to create a powerful vortex for smoother blends.
  • Mini-tamper: Assists in blending stubborn ingredients without stopping the machine.
FeatureVitamix E320Vitamix E310
Container Size64 ounces48 ounces
ProfileLow-profileClassic tall
Recipe QuantityLarge batchesSmall to medium batches

Blade Technology And Material Quality

Exploring the Vitamix E320 and E310 blenders, blade technology and material quality stand out. Both models boast features that enhance the blending experience. Let’s dive into the specifics of their stainless steel blades, and the durability and longevity of these machines.

Stainless Steel Blades

The heart of any blender is its blades. In the Vitamix E320 and E310, the blades must be top-notch. Both models come with aircraft-grade stainless steel blades. This material is not only tough but also resistant to rust and corrosion.

Feature Vitamix E320 Vitamix E310
Blade Material Aircraft-grade Stainless Steel Aircraft-grade Stainless Steel
Blade Design Wet Blade for various tasks Wet Blade for various tasks

These blades are designed to handle everything from smoothies to soups. They can crush ice and tougher ingredients with ease.

Durability And Longevity

Durability is key for a reliable kitchen appliance. The Vitamix E320 and E310 are built to last. Thanks to their high-quality stainless steel blades, they are less likely to dull or break. Users can expect years of consistent performance.

  • Robust motor withstands frequent use
  • Self-cleaning feature protects blade integrity
  • Full warranty covers blade performance

Consistency is guaranteed with proper care and maintenance. The Vitamix E320 and E310 make the investment worth every penny.

Vitamix E320 Vs E310


Ease Of Use And Cleaning

Finding the right blender that blends convenience with performance can be a game-changer in the kitchen. The Vitamix E320 and E310 stand out not just for their blending power but for their simplicity in use and ease of cleaning. Let’s dive into the features that make these models user-friendly.

Control Panel Layout

The control panel is the heart of any blender’s ease of use. With the Vitamix E320 and E310, users find an intuitive interface designed for all levels of kitchen expertise. Both models feature a straightforward layout that includes:

  • Variable Speed Control: Ten-speed options give precise control for a variety of textures.
  • On/Off Switch: A simple flick starts or stops the blending process.
  • Pulse Feature: Offers quick bursts to coarsely chop ingredients.

The well-labeled, tactile controls allow for seamless operation, making the blending experience enjoyable and stress-free.

Self-cleaning Functionality

After enjoying your smoothie or soup, the last thing you want is to scrub a blender’s nooks and crannies. Fortunately, both the Vitamix E320 and E310 boast a self-cleaning feature that simplifies this task. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Fill the container with warm water to the halfway point.
  2. Add a drop of dish soap.
  3. Lock the lid in place, ensuring it’s secure.
  4. Set the blender to the highest speed and let it run for 30 to 60 seconds.
  5. Rinse out the soapy water, and voila – a clean blender!

This self-cleaning capability means more time savoring your creations and less time cleaning up.

Both Vitamix models make kitchen tasks a breeze for anyone seeking a high-performance blender without complicated maintenance. This simplicity improves the overall user experience and solidifies the E320 and E310 as top contenders in kitchen convenience.

Pricing And Value For Money

Understanding the value and pricing of high-performance blenders helps in making an informed decision. The Vitamix E320 and E310 stand tall in the kitchen appliances market. Both offer unique specs with an impact on their cost and overall value. A side-by-side comparison reveals their true worth in monetary terms.

Comparative Cost Analysis

Initially, let’s examine the price tags. The Vitamix E320 generally has a heftier price. Key reasons include its larger container and increased power. On the other hand, the E310 comes at a lower cost, making it appealing to budget-conscious buyers. Here’s how they match up:

  • Vitamix E320: Slightly higher in price, larger batch capacity.
  • Vitamix E310: More economical, ideal for smaller servings.

Factors like features, performance, and included accessories contribute to the price. The E320’s enhanced abilities may justify its price for many, yet the E310’s cost-effectiveness appeals to a different crowd. Always consider individual blending needs alongside prices.

Warranty And Customer Support

Warranty reflects a brand’s confidence in its products. It also secures your investment. Both blender models boast impressive warranties and responsive customer support teams.

Model Warranty Period Support Features
Vitamix E320 7 years Comprehensive support, extended service options.
Vitamix E310 5 years Robust support, customer-friendly service.

The E320’s longer warranty suggests a better value for the extended period. The E310 still offers substantial coverage, ensuring buyers their blender is protected. In assessing long-term value, a warranty’s length is just as vital as the initial cost.

Both models feature accessible customer care—a vital aspect of post-purchase satisfaction. Whether you choose the E320 or E310, help is just a call or click away.

Vitamix E320 Vs E310


User Reviews And Community Feedback

Exploring what users think can help you decide between Vitamix E320 and E310. Real feedback shines a light on these blenders’ performance. Here we delve into what users have to say.

Positive Critiques

Many users express high praise for both blenders. They highlight specific aspects that stand out. Below, find key points of satisfaction:

  • Power: Both models come equipped with powerful motors, capable of handling tough ingredients.
  • Durability: Long-term users report that both the E320 and E310 sustain performance over the years.
  • Consistency: Smoothies, soups, and sauces blend smoothly, reflecting the quality of the blending process.

Common Criticisms

Despite the accolades, some criticisms are common among reviews. Below are the concerns users frequently share:

Issue E320 E310
Noise Level Some find the E320 too loud during operation. The E310 also gets noted for being noisy.
Price Users mention the E320 can be pricey for some budgets. Similar price concerns arise for the E310.
Size The E320’s larger container is bulky for some. For single servings, the E310’s smaller pitcher may not suffice.

Understanding user experiences aids in making an informed decision. Users’ voices reveal much about the Vitamix E320 and E310.

Which Vitamix Is Right For You?

Choosing the right Vitamix can feel like a tough decision.

Vitamix E320 and E310 both offer powerful blending experiences.
Yet, they have key differences.

Which model suits your kitchen adventures?
Let’s explore.

Considering Your Blending Needs

Think about what you’ll be making.

  • For large batches: E320’s larger container fits more.
  • For personal servings: E310’s container size is ample.
  • For tough ingredients: Both models crush them easily.

Consider the space on your kitchen counter.
The E320 is slightly bulkier than the E310.

Noise level matters.
Both are noisy,
which is typical for high-performing blenders.

Warranty is essential.
E320 provides a 7-year warranty.
E310 has a 5-year warranty.

Finally, check the budget.
E320 comes at a slightly higher price.

Making The Final Decision

Create a simple checklist:

  1. Assess blending needs.
  2. Check space available.
  3. Consider noise tolerance.
  4. Look at warranty offerings.
  5. Review the budget.

Match features with your requirements.

Feature Vitamix E320 Vitamix E310
Container Size 64 oz 48 oz
Warranty 7 Years 5 Years
Price Higher Lower

Check online reviews and testimonials.
Real user experiences
guide well.

Ready to make a choice?
Remember, both Vitamix models deliver top-notch performance.
Pick the one that fits your lifestyle best.

Accessories And Additional Features

Accessories and Additional Features: When choosing a blender, accessories and additional features play a crucial role. They define versatility and convenience. The Vitamix E320 and E310 blenders may look similar but offer different perks on this front. Let’s explore the unique aspects of each model that could sway your decision.

Compatible Accessories

Both Vitamix E320 and E310 come with their set of compatible accessories. These enhancements will ensure your blending experience is as smooth as the purees they produce.

  • Tamper: An essential tool to push ingredients down is included with both models.
  • Cookbooks: Each machine comes with a cookbook filled with tasty recipes.

However, the E320 steps up with a larger container, providing more room for attachments and serving a bigger family or guests.

Unique Selling Propositions

The Vitamix E310 and E320 are not just about blending. They offer unique features that set them apart.

E310 Unique Features E320 Unique Features
48-ounce container 64-ounce low-profile container
Ideal for small batches Perfect for family meals
Classic knob controls Intuitive controls with pulse feature

The E310 shines for personal use or small households. Its compact size means it fits well in any kitchen. The E320, on the other hand, is the choice for larger gatherings. Its broad base ensures stability when blending heavy loads.

Frequently Asked Questions For Vitamix E320 Vs E310

What’s The Difference Between Vitamix E320 And E310?

The primary difference lies in the container size and motor power. The E320 features a 64-oz low-profile container and a 2. 2 HP motor. Meanwhile, the E310 comes with a 48-oz container and a slightly less powerful 2. 0 HP motor.

Which Vitamix Model Is More Affordable, E320 Or E310?

The Vitamix E310 is generally more affordable than the E320. The E310 is an entry-level model, making it a budget-friendly option for those seeking Vitamix quality without the higher price tag of the E320.

Can The E320 Handle Larger Batches Than The E310?

Yes, the Vitamix E320 is designed to handle larger batches due to its bigger 64-oz container. This makes it ideal for families or those who make meals in larger quantities as compared to the E310’s 48-oz container.

How Does The Motor Power Affect Vitamix Performance?

Motor power directly affects blending efficiency and the ability to handle tough ingredients. The E320’s more powerful 2. 2 HP motor can process thicker blends and larger batches more easily compared to the slightly less powerful 2. 0 HP motor of the E310.


Deciding between the Vitamix E320 and E310 boils down to your blending needs. Both models offer powerful performance and durability. The E320 steps up with a larger capacity and a bit more power, ideal for families or batch cooking. The E310, on the other hand, satisfies with a smaller footprint, perfect for individuals or smaller kitchens.

Whichever you choose, you’re investing in top-quality Vitamix engineering.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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