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Yes, you can bring a Blendjet on a plane. However, it is subject to TSA regulations and must be stored in your carry-on bag.

Blendjet is a portable blender that is designed to help you make smoothies, shakes, and other healthy drinks on the go. If you are planning to travel with your Blendjet, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Firstly, it is important to check the TSA regulations for carrying portable blenders on a plane. Secondly, you should store your Blendjet in your carry-on bag rather than in your checked luggage. This is because the TSA may open your checked luggage for inspection, and they have been known to confiscate portable blenders in the past. With proper planning and preparation, you can easily bring your Blendjet with you on your next flight.

Air Travel Regulations On Portable Blenders

Can I Bring a Blendjet on a Plane?

Portable blenders have become popular among frequent travelers as well as health enthusiasts. However, it is important to know the air travel regulations when carrying a Blendjet in your carry-on bag.

TSA regulations on carry-on bags: According to the TSA website, battery-powered blenders can be carried in carry-on bags but not in checked bags. The batteries of blenders must not exceed 100-160 watt-hours to be allowed on the plane.

FAA regulations on battery-powered devices: The Federal Aviation Administration restricts the carriage of spare batteries in checked baggage, but they can be carried in carry-on bags. For devices such as Blendjet, the batteries should be kept safe to avoid short circuits or overheating.

International air travel regulations: Different countries have different rules and regulations on carrying portable blenders on planes. It is recommended to check with the airlines and the customs office of the destination country before packing your Blendjet.

Keeping in mind the travel regulations, carrying a Blendjet can be a convenient and fun way to maintain a healthy diet while traveling.

Can I Bring a Blendjet on a Plane


Is Blendjet Allowed On A Plane?

Traveling can be stressful, and wondering what you can bring on a plane adds to the confusion. If you’re an owner of a Blendjet portable blender, you may be wondering if it’s allowed on a plane. The answer is yes, you can bring a Blendjet on a plane, but there are factors to consider.

If you’re traveling with a carry-on bag, you can bring your Blendjet with you. However, if you’re checking your luggage, it’s best to place your Blendjet in your checked baggage to avoid any issues with security. It’s important to note that TSA may need to inspect your Blendjet during the security screening process.

You should also consider any possible exceptions that may prevent you from bringing your Blendjet on your flight. Airlines have different rules about what items are allowed on planes, so it’s always best to check with your airline before your trip. Additionally, if your Blendjet contains any liquids, make sure they’re within the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids rule.

What You Need to Know TSA Rules
Carry-on or Checked Luggage? Carry-on is acceptable.
Possible Exceptions Check with your airline before traveling.

Preparing Your Blendjet For Travel

As a Blendjet owner, you may wonder if you can take your blender on a plane. The answer is yes, you can bring a Blendjet on a plane. However, there are a few things you need to do to prepare your Blendjet for travel.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Before you pack your Blendjet for travel, ensure that it is clean and functioning correctly. Clean all the parts, especially the blades, and remove any leftover residue. Also, make sure to top up the battery and test your Blendjet before packing it.

Packing And Storage

When packing your Blendjet for travel, ensure that it is securely stored. You can pack it in your carry-on luggage or checked baggage, but we recommend keeping it in your carry-on to prevent any potential damage. You can also store it in a protective case to prevent any scratches or spills.

In conclusion, a Blendjet is a convenient and portable tool for blending while you travel. You can bring it on a plane by following the necessary cleaning and packing guidelines. Make sure to keep it safe while on the go, and you’ll be able to blend your favorite smoothies, wherever you go!

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Tips For Traveling With Blendjet

Traveling with a Blendjet can be a great convenience, but be prepared for security screening. Before packing your Blendjet, check with your airline to confirm if it is allowed on board. If it is, consider alternative options to bring such as pre-packaged smoothie mixes or protein powders. Keep in mind that if the Blendjet is not allowed, it will be confiscated at the security checkpoint. To prevent this, remove the battery and pack it separately in a carry-on bag. If you decide to bring your Blendjet, make sure the container is empty before going through security and allow extra time to answer any questions from TSA. By following these tips, you can enjoy your favorite blended drinks while flying!

Can I Bring a Blendjet on a Plane


Frequently Asked Questions On Can I Bring A Blendjet On A Plane

Can I Take My Blendjet On My Carry-on?

Yes, you can take your BlendJet on your carry-on as long as it meets TSA regulations. The BlendJet must be empty and stored in a clear plastic bag for security screening. It is also recommended to check with your airline for any additional restrictions or guidelines.

Does Blendjet Have Lithium Battery?

Yes, BlendJet has a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable and can last up to 12 blends on a single charge.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Blendjet?

The main disadvantages of BlendJet are its limited capacity and short battery life. It can only blend small portions at a time and needs to be charged frequently. Additionally, some customers report issues with leakage and difficulty cleaning the device.

Can I Bring A Nutribullet On An Airplane?

Yes, you can bring a Nutribullet on an airplane but it should be in your checked luggage. It is not allowed in carry-on bags due to its blade being considered a dangerous item. It is recommended to detach the blade assembly and pack it separately to avoid any damage during transport.


Hence, we can conclude that you can bring a Blendjet on a plane without any hassle. However, it is better to check with your airline’s policies beforehand. Following some guidelines, such as removing the battery and placing the blender in a clear plastic bag, can make the security check easier.

So, pack your Blendjet and enjoy your journey with your favorite blended beverages.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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